Direct bookings for hotels and villas

In a world where the world wide web (www) is the main source of bookings for most hotels & villas, travellers have so many options to choose from when it comes to their accommodation needs.

OTAs are the main players when it comes to providing clients but the commission they require increases every year and so does the cost for the business owners.

Hotels have a tool in their hands that can reduce their costs and increase their profit. Its their own sales channel, the website.

Increasing the direct bookings from the website not only reduces the commissions and increases profits but also creates repeaters, loyalty clubs and reduces booking cancellations allowing the hotels to have a steady cash flow early in the season to rely on.

what is possible?

Most hotels & Villas acquire 10-15% direct bookings on average. This is where we come in and with our experience and knowledge we can increase this number from 25-55% of the total hotel bookings depending on the marketing plan we will agree with the client.


For us, each project is a different concept to go through. Influenced by your vision, our team of developers, designers, creators, and marketers follow your requirements and provide innovative solutions effectively and reliably tailor-made for your hotel. Each business is different so we dont follow a single approach. Having created more than 100 Websites for hotels and villas the first step is to design and develop a new website for your business that is easy to use from the visitors, visually appealing and responsive for all devices. We know exactly what needs to be done to achieve that.

we make it possible we make it possible

Creating a strategy

Our Agency has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals business analysts, Web Designers, Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketing experts, Support Agents, Web Developers and IT administrators and Managers.

All of us are always updated with the latest knowledge, technology and marketing trends allowing to create a unique strategy for your company that will produce the maximum outcome.

The main goal is always the same: Increase the direct bookings so that the OTAs will produce less and less bookings over time and that will result into commission-less income, Repeaters, Room rate flexibility and less cancellations.

how to achieve your goals

There are so many things that need to be in place in order to achieve good results in a short amount of time. Content needs to be very well created.

Photography, Cinematography, Copywriting, Search-Engine optimization, Social Media advertising, Branding and many more will ensure that your hotel will stand out and it will increase the total revenue.

To win the race against OTAs we will stand out from the crowd using unique techniques in digital marketing that will ensure that your hotel guests will prefer to book their accommodation through your website.


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